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Reaching My Limit

As a home educator I am around my children 24/7. I love my kids and know that home educating is 100% the right decision for our family at this time, however with a husband that works all over the country (and sometimes internationally too!) there are times that its just me and my 4 little… Continue reading Reaching My Limit

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Taking a child to hospital ~ What’s in my bag?

I’ll never forget the first time it happened. I’d just finished changing Ellie’s nappy and she was happily sat on her mat playing with some toys. I left the room for a second to put it the nappy in the bin and wash my hands, but when I came back I was shocked at what… Continue reading Taking a child to hospital ~ What’s in my bag?

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Why we choose to Home Educate

    On hearing that my children don't actually go to school there are always 2 questions asked. The first, do you ever plan to send them to school? which my answer is usually along the lines of, actually my eldest 2 did go to a lovely, amazing school which we loved. In the future?… Continue reading Why we choose to Home Educate

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Leveling up my parenting skills!

There are some moments in life that fill me with dread. Walking into my sleeping baby's bedroom and smelling poo is one of them! It's not massive in the grand scheme of things but, while she's teething, she's unsettled and wakes many times in the night making her tired. While she tired she's more prone… Continue reading Leveling up my parenting skills!