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Leveling up my parenting skills!

There are some moments in life that fill me with dread. Walking into my sleeping baby’s bedroom and smelling poo is one of them! It’s not massive in the grand scheme of things but, while she’s teething, she’s unsettled and wakes many times in the night making her tired. While she tired she’s more prone to seizures and I would very much rather we avoided the seizures at all costs.

Last night as I crept into her bedroom to make sure my sleeping baby was ok, I was greeted with a wall of smell that would make any grown adult cry. As she shares a bedroom with her brother, changing her in her bedroom was out of the question, whats worse than one tired cranky baby? Throwing another tired cranky child into the mix! So unless I wanted to risk her possible cries waking Ollie up, I had no choice but to carefully pick her up and walk her through to my bedroom to change her. I definitely wasn’t about to switch on a light, so standing in the edge of our bed in the dark, hardly daring to breathe I cleaned her up. As I was redressing her, my knee felt wet. My little darling had taken the opportunity to wee all over the bed. I grabbed a new nappy, (as she had weed all over the out side of the clean one!) very carefully re dressed her and gently carried her back to her cot. After lying her down I retreated as swiftly and as quietly as I could manage, still not breathing!

As I shut her bedroom door, I did a fair bit of celebrating, I’d managed to successfully change a poo nappy without waking anyone up! I levelled up in my parenting skills, I am now a master expert at this parenting stuff!

*This post was written months ago, when Ellie was around 6 months old!

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